In the last one, Sonny is so like ‘Damn, my husband is HOT!’

You can even see his eyes move from shoulder height to butt level. He’s totally watching the muscles in Will’s back move as Will shimmies on his pants. He’s totally watching his butt as he walks away. He even looks smug. 

In addition to the whole Adrienne interruption thing, we also have this in the same part of In a Heartbeat:

For a moment Sonny just watched Will. Well, to be more specific, he watched the gentle ripple and flex of the muscles in his back as he put together some food. Whilst there was more to the attraction than looks, Sonny couldn’t deny that his husband was beautiful outside as well as in, and it just made moments like this a little more enjoyable.

I fucking give up.  Either I’m channeling them or they’re channeling me.  Either way it’s creeping me out a little.

Off topic but someone had the AUDACITY to say GW’s body was “EW” yesterday on twitter.



The Sidhe

There were worlds much like the one they lived in now, and worlds that were different in every conceivable way. There were worlds where they were both human, worlds where they were both Sidhe, and there were worlds where they were some other kind of creature altogether. There were lives where they found and lost each other quickly, and lives where they stayed together for years upon years. There were lives where they loved free and proud, and lives where the love they shared got them both killed. There was every kind of barrier and every kind of victory. There were lives of misery where they never truly saw what they were to one another, and there were lives like precious jewels where they found each other so, so young and saw one another with clear eyes from the very first moment.

And in every life, in every world, their essences were unmistakable. They were Kurt and they were Blaine, in any language, in any interpretation. It was always them.